Let's better understand food allergies in infants. . .

Food allergy in infants is increasing in Australia, with one in ten infants now having a confirmed food allergy.

SmartStartAllergy aims to better understand allergic reactions in infants, through the use of automated SMS technology.

This exciting initiative is a collaboration between SmartVax and the National Allergy Strategy (NAS) and is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Channel 7 Telethon.

Latest News

SmartStartAllergy deemed to be effective in encouraging parental introduction of peanut

Results of a recent project looking into whether SmartStartAllergy influenced parental introduction of peanut by age 12 months, including high-risk infants, has found that SmartStartAllergy appears to be an effective tool for encouraging parental introduction of peanut.

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Listen to our recent podcast

Dr Alan Leeb, GP and developer of SmartStartAllergy, Sandra Vale, National Allergy Strategy Manager, and Dr Michael O’Sullivan, consultant immunologist at Perth Children’s Hospital, discuss the strong uptake of new infant feeding for allergy prevention guidelines.

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SmartStartAllergy debuts in MJA

The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) has recently published an article on some of SmartStartAllergy’s key findings to date.

Our data suggests a shift in infant feeding practices in Australia, with most infants now receive peanut during their first year of life, consistent with ASCIA guidelines.

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